Our Menu

Our Caesar Burger has a hidden surprise. As you eat it, a lovely Caesar side salad falls out of it.


(Get a Fork.)

Hot, cheesy mouth-watering delightfulness TIMES TWO! Totally Double MMmmgh!


Great with Jalapenos

Little Mike's homemade chili and a blizzard of farm fresh shredded cheddar? AYFKM? Gotta try one!


Great with Jalapenos

Dine In

Our friendly, family-like atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy a legendary Little Mike's onion burger and side.


Take Out

Call us and order up your take out! We'll have your order ready in about 10 minutes. Call us at 405.773.9997.



Cravin' some Little Mike's burgers and sides but don't wanna drive over to pick it up? Get it delivered!